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Identity Hair Co. is quickly becoming your must visit salon for luxury hand-tied hair extensions, naturally blended, low-maintenance color, and high quality lash extensions.
Our team of talented artists are waiting to give you the confidence boost you didn't know you needed. We aim to provide a sense of laid back luxury, in a relaxing, yet fun, atmosphere. We pride ourselves on communication, educating our guests, and staying current with the latest techniques.

No visit is complete without an iced latte from our coffee bar. Bring your laptop to get a little work done, or sit back and relax while your color processes. We can't wait to welcome you into your new salon home!



to be a

We think you deserve

What we do

Our goal is to make your life easier and help you love yourself more through the art of lashes, low-maintenance hair color, and hand-tied extensions.

Our services are centered around communication, connection & consistency.

Our focus is a little different;

Book a new guest service

Are you a NEW client looking for highlights, balayage, or to just generally go lighter? ​ Choose our New Client Blonding service when booking.

Are you a NEW client looking to go darker, shift your tone, or break up your color with lowlights? Choose our New Client All Over Color service when booking.

*Before booking:

$50 - $75+
$180 - $275+
$210 - $300+
$150 - $180+
$180 - $210+

New Client Haircut & Style
New Client Blonding
New Client Blonding & Cut
New Client All Over Color
New Client All Over Color & Cut
New Client Fantasy Colors


Are you looking for healthy lived-in color with a seamless growout?
Then you’ve come to the right place.

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New Guests

Pre-consultation form

Please note a completed pre-consultation form is required before booking an in person consultation. A more precise price quote will be given at this time.

*Pricing does NOT include color to natural hair.

$890 - $960
$1,440 - $1,510
$1,010 - $1,080
$1,640 - $1,710
$150 - $175
$250 - $275
$100 - $120

18” 1 Row
18” 2 Rows
22” 1 Row
22” 2 Rows
1 Row Maintenance
2 Row Maintenance
Replacement pieces per weft


We offer subtle enhancement with comfortable, seamless and safe hand-tied hair extensions for the woman who doesn’t want to look “over done”.

We take so much pride in the positive impact this service has on our clients and we can't wait for you to feel it, too!

but better

Just like your hair;


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Service pricing listed is an estimate, your stylist will provide more customized pricing information at the time of consultation.

$35 - $75+
$100 - $180+
$55 - $75+
$110 - $175+
$150 - $250+
$170 - $275+

Haircut & Style
All Over Color
Glaze & Blow Dry
Custom Blonde Express
Custom Blonde Maintenance
Custom Blonde Makeover


take on the world

you'll leave feeling like you can

We value communication and consistency. Your hair appointment should be exciting. Put your mind at ease knowing that you will feel heard, your style will be tailored to your lifestyle needs and...

Cut + Color

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$120 - $140

Classic Full Set
 2 Week Fill
3 Week Fill


skip the makeup

we've got you covered.

What would you do with an extra hour every morning?


— Madison

“Honestly, I have never felt more beautiful than what this coloring has made me feel. When booking with Identity you’re not only getting hair coloring, you’re getting a stylist that honestly cares and wants the best outcome for you.”

— Joie

“Identity Hair Co. is an extremely talented group of women who instill confidence in their clients by giving them beautiful hair along with an overall positive salon experience. Having had my hair colored and cut by both Kristen and Emma numerous times, I can confidently say that my hair color is better than I could’ve imagined!”

— Taylor

“Emma did such an excellent job on my hair, and I'm pretty positive this is the happiest I have ever been after a hair cut. The staff is extremely friendly and conversational! No worries about those awkward silences for your first time! (I think we've all been there!) I can't recommend them enough!”

— Madison

“Absolutely the best service I have ever received. The stylist took the time to explain realistically what different colors would look like on me and really help me grasp what was best for me.”

— Annie

“Kristen and Emma are the BEST! I’m a natural dirty blonde, but have been coloring my hair a natural red for a few years and it took me for-ev-er to find someone in NE Ohio who got it the right color. Kristen nailed it the first time. She helped put me at ease and feel comfortable with her right away.”

— Joie

“Kristen’s blonding services have given me a natural grow-out and beaming blonde color. From the day I leave the salon to a full 10-12 weeks out, my hair color has a seamless, flawless grow out. Strangers have made the mistake of assuming my hair color is naturally blonde simply because of the talent of my hairdressers!”

— Mallory

“Emma and Kristen are amazing at what they do! Every single time I have come in they have gone above and beyond what I ask for. The environment is so welcoming and their service is worth every penny. Love these women, they are so great!!! Highly recommend.”

— Caitlin

“No words can describe how much I love this place! I have been getting my hair done by Kristen for a few years and she’s nothing but a bright ray of sunshine from the moment you walk in! I won’t let anyone else touch my hair! She is always attentive and listens to what you want!”

— Annie

“Kristen reallllly listens to you and will do whatever she can to make your hair dreams come true. She also has a recommendation for the best product to remedy whatever hair trouble you have. She’s so fun to spend an afternoon with. Just book with her. You won’t regret it.”


Follow Her

She’s always up for an adventure, she and her hubby eloped in the mountains of Colorado in 2019.

Fun Fact

Hiking with her dog, traveling, CrossFit & finding new wineries with her hubby.

Favorite Activities


Zodiac Sign



Hand-tied extensions & Natural/Dimensional Color

Kristen Wirth


Follow Her

Has an affinity for singing/playing guitar & loves to cook.

Has an affinity for singing/ playing guitar & loves to cook.

Fun Fact

Hanging out at local coffee shops and cocktail bars, traveling locally/globally, & spending time with her husband and friends.

Favorite Activities


Zodiac Sign

9 wing 1


Bridal & Event Styling, Lived-in Color

Emma Brook


Follow Her

Has traveled to Japan multiple times, ask her about it and she could go on for hours.

Fun Fact

Getting lost in a good book, gaming, and creating art.

Favorite Activities


Zodiac Sign



Color & hand-tied Extensions

Katlyn Caton


Follow Her

Before discovering her passion for hair, she earned her B.A. in Fashion Merchandising at KSU.

Fun Fact

Hanging out at her favorite coffee shop, going to the gym, and visiting friends and family back home in Chicago.

Favorite Activities


Zodiac Sign



Dimensional Color

Becca Faber


Follow Her

She loves to dance and sing, even when she doesn't know the words!

Fun Fact

She loves spending summers on the water, boating and swimming, with her family. She also loves roller coasters!

Favorite Activities


Zodiac Sign



Blonding & lived-in color

Rachel Marcum

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In our cozy space you’re likely to be interacting with more than just the stylist you’re seeing, so get to know our team and see who you vibe with!

If you’re lucky you’ll often have two team members working on you with one of our signature “double blow drys”. Trust us, you’ll love feeling like you have your own personal glamsquad.
You’re always welcome to schedule with anyone in the salon you like, if your usual stylist isn’t available. No hard feelings, we love when you get to know each of us!

All good vibes here; at Identity, you’ll always feel welcome.

meet the team



We just create the path to lead you there.

Build your wealthiest life, whatever that looks like to YOU.

Cheering you on always,

This is YOUR Identity YOUR way.

Maybe your heart is set on becoming a beauty influencer and social media master with a huge following.

Does your passion lie in education or building your own product brand?

Maybe you long to be home with your kids and work part time while still making a healthy living.

Or, is your goal to just be happy doing what you love with a supportive team? Spending your free time traveling and living your best life.

Do you dream of being the most sought after artist in the area, while achieving massive financial goals?

What is your version of success?

Identity was made for you.

Interested in becoming a part of our team?

Our goal is to help you build a long and fulfilling career at Identity Hair Co. We offer one-on-one quarterly goals and numbers coaching to ensure you’re creating the life you set out to achieve.

Growth Plan

We provide an 8-week training course and printed education book to all of our new team members. We cover everything from effective communication to foil placements and so much in between.


We pride ourselves on providing a positive, growth minded, atmosphere which allows stylists the opportunity to elevate their career and create their dream life while achieving financial freedom and working with clients that they love.


What makes us different

And, are often used to mark cycles of growth that lead to a higher state of being.

Growth   •  Manifestation   •  Enlightenment  •  Revelation   •  A Higher Perspective   •  Balance   •   Stability

Growth   •  Manifestation   •  Enlightenment
Revelation   •  A Higher Perspective
Balance   •   Stability

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